Series of events (Part I)

Sufyani Kasir al-‘ayn (Refractor of the eye) in Sana’a, Yemen
Sufyani Uprising of the Egyptian Attack of the Westerners on Egypt
Sufyani Awf Salami in Syria or Iraq Shu'ayb ibn Salih
Sufyani Shaysabani  in Iraq
Sufyani The conflicts among the children of Folaan
Sufyani Serious conflict among Arab and Persian rulers
Sufyani Departure of the Westerner

A khasf in the

Western side 

of Damascus mosque

Damascus earthquake Khasf of Jabiyah

Arrival of the barbarian army at

Egypt with a yellow flag

Arrival of Westerners at Egypt
Sufyani War of the two armies Death of 100 thousand people in Sham by an earthquake Appearance of yellow flags in Sham Khasf of Harasta in Syria
  An event happening in gherghisiya(in Iraq) to Bani Abbas and Marwanian


Series of events (Part II)


voice from the sky Lightning Yellow wind Constant wind
voice from the sky Conflict of the people of qibla Conflict of the Westerners Conflict of the Easterners
Voice from the sky Numerous earthquakes and harsh coldness

Appearance of a constellation in the month

of Rajab and an evident hand close to it

  White Plague (Public death) Red Plague (Death by sword)